Wind with happy smile Wall fan

Wind with happy smile !

Convenient switch

With air volume control button
and timer switch, you can easily control
air volume and set timer.

Wall fan

Light and safe body

Wall fan has a light and safe body
to make it easy to use.

Wind with smile!

Wall fan


Wall fan has a light and safe body. Its air volume control and
timer is rotation switch, which is easier to use.

Control air volume
rotation switch

3-step rotation button is installed at the front
which is easy to control air volume.

Timer switch

With gradations of 30 minutes, easy to adjust time at your convenience.

Light and safe body

Wall fan has a light and safe body which is easy to
use. Its joint is solid and strong which provides you
high turst and safety.

Installed Guide ring

Wall fan has guide rings which makes it safer.

Rotate left and right
Control angle up
and down

Wall fan has smooth fan head which makes it possible
to move angles up and down, left and right.

Wind with smile! Wall fan


Obtained a certificate
of Electrical Appliances Safety

Authentication No. / HH07717-14012

Authentication institution / KTC

(Korea Institute of mechanical, electrical and electronics tests)

spec taBLe

Product name Wind with smile! Wall fan
Model name MF-400W
Total size Width 450 X Height 510 X Depth 350mm
Wing size 16"(35cm) s blades
Weight 2.7Kg
Authentication number for
completing KC certificate
Rated voltage 220V / 60Hz
Power consumption 50W
Manufacturer / Importer BLC Co., Ltd
Country of manufacture Republic of Korea
Area of heating and cooling Auxiliary heating apparatus
Additional installation cost None
Warranty 1 Year
A/S center 031.222.1147