MF-2015 / MF-2020

Misomaru Domestic Desk Fan

Smile with Wind

Energy-saving fan
with low noise

Silent but strong windwith Die
Casting motor

Control air volume

Easier and more convenient
air volume control system
with push type seesaw methods

Domestic desk fan

Angle switch

Rotation switch at the back
makes it easier to control rotation

60 safety nets

Safer fan with fine safety net with 60 bars

Smile with Wind,

domestic desk fan

PINK MF-2015
Blue MF-2020

Misomaru desk fan is small with strong wind and low noise.
Also, Fine safety net is installed for your safety.

Energy saving
low-noise motor

Using strong and efficient motor for low noise.

Control air volume

Push-type switch with smooth motion for easy to use.

Rotation function

Choose rotation or fix, at your convenience.

Strong three-blade fan

For stronger and cooler wind, 3-blade fan is used.

Control up-and-down

With control angle function, you can choose
its own angle.

Fine safety net

Fine safety net makes it safer.

Misomaru domestic desk fan


Obtained a certificate
of Electrical Appliances Safety

Authentication No. / HH07717-9005

Authentication institution / KTC

(Korea Institute of mechanical, electrical and electronics tests)

spec taBLe

Product name Misomaru Domestic Desk fan
Model name MF-2015 (Pink) / MF-2020 (Blue)
Total size Width 247 X Height 360 X Depth 190mm
Wing size 20cm
Weight 1.24kg
Maximum wind speed 175m/min
Authentication number for
completing KC certificate
Rated voltage 220V / 60Hz
Power consumption 26W
Manufacturer / Importer BLC Co., Ltd
Country of manufacture Republic of Korea
Area of heating and cooling Auxiliary heating apparatus
Additional installation cost None
Warranty 1 Year
A/S center 031.222.1147