Sense Leader Steam and Sterilization Humidifier

SHygiene boiling type

Boiling type humidification

Don’t worry about hygiene anymore !
BLC boiling type humidifier is a
representative goods among small
humidifier with patent technology.

Sufficient container

Free to choose container at
your convenience up to 2 liters !
You can use different size of bottles
including water bottle and soda bottle.


Steam Sterilization

Perfect design

light weight with refined design that can be
used in a small space.

Low electronic bill,
No splash

Minimise necessary electricity for
humidification and care
about economic benefits.

keeps your family’s health and happiness
Steam Sterilization



Don’t worry about hygiene anymore ! BLC boiling type
humidifier is a representative goods among small humidifier
with patent technology. Also, it minimizes use of
necessary electricity for humidification which makes it economical.

Boiling water for

Boiling water for humidification automatically sterilizes the machine.

Eliminate debris

Vent is connected to the center of the humidifier so that it can remove debris which is cause of malfunction.
Therefore, it is easy to clean the machine with high durability.

High heat efficiency

It has high heat efficiency compare to other similar products and it creates 130~150cc humidification per hour with 125W. It installed PIPE Heater for the first time in Korea. Its instant heating power is strong and humidification starts in 1 minute and 20 seconds.

Guaranteed safety

Safety is guaranteed. Minimized amount of boiling water for its safety just in case of overturn. During operation, boiling water is around 30~40cc and water in the water tank is room temperature.

Optimizing heating area

Cylindrical heating mechanism optimizes heating area to increase steam and to lower power consumption. By installing stainless cylindrical screen (Utility Patent), it has low noise and solve problems of splashing hot water bubbles.

Compact design

Light-weighted product with refined and compact design can be used in small space. It can be used in your home, hospital, or office at your conve

Separate power cord

You can separate power cord for easy cleaning and storage.

Provide caps for
soda bottle/water bottle

We provide you two types of caps so that you can use normal plastic bottles. You can use plastic bottles at your convenience up to 2-liter soda bottle, up to 14 hours.

Alarm lamp

When alarm lamp has a red light, you only need to fill up your water tank. In addition, there is a magic sticker which gives you a warning for burn while using humidifier.

Installed drainage
hole / safety device

Installed drainage hole for hygienic use and safety device for safe humidification with boiling water. It is all based on domestic technology.

Humidifier TIP

Q1 Low steam !

Don’t worry even if you don’t see much steam coming out from the heating type humidifier. What is important is not the amount of steam but its diffusion. Compare to steam comes out of ultrasound type humidifier, you may think steam from the heating type humidifer is too low. However, if you are aware of functions and efficiency of the humidifier, you will definately choose heating type humidifer. When you imagine spreading 2 liters of water in the room, it is not a small amout at all. Once you use it for few days in a row, its effects are proven to be enough.


Heating type humidifier, humidifier particles are small

Visible humidification of heated humidifier is small
but the actual humidification is much more than what it seems to be.


You don’t see much steam coming out from the heating type humidifier

Heated humidifier makes warm humidification steam spread all over the space well
while ultrasonic humidifier makes surroundings damp and cold a lot

Q2 Have problems with my humidifier !

When steam is not working properly, boiling sound is too loud, water splash etc.
When you find problems in using the humidifier, please follow below steps.


Unplug power cord and cool down the humidifier. Shake it.


Remove rubber packing at the bottom and remove impurities.
( If you remove water right after using the machine, you might get burn so please be careful )


When you put water bottle in the humidifier, please put it at once.
( When the water level goes higher, you will hear boiling sound and water may splash )

Sense Leader
steam and sterilization humidifier


Obtained a certificate
of Electrical Appliances Safety

Authentication No. / HH07717-9006

Authentication institution / KTC

(Korea Institute of mechanical, electrical and electronics tests)

spec taBLe

Product name Sense Leader steam and sterilization Humidifier
Model name BH-900S
Total size Width 220 X height 170 X Depth 140mm
Code length About 1.5m
Spray system Heater heating system
Weight 630g
Sprayed amount More than 130cc/HR
Authentication number for
completing KC certificate
Rated voltage 220V/60Hz
Power consumption 125W
Composition Body, Nozzle, Power code, Water bottle
Manufacturer / Importer BLC Co., Ltd
Country of manufacture Republic of Korea
Additional installation cost None
Warranty 1 Year
A/S center 031.222.1147