Sense Leader Hair Dryer For travel

Hair dryer equipped with
a motor for the specialists!

Equipped with a strong
motor for the specialists

The motor was used for big hair dryer
for the specialists.


Easy to carry / Efficient to
take care of your hair

Travel necessity

With its compact design, it is easy to
carry during travel and you can feel
its elegant color and touch.

Compact design with Excellent function!
Sense Leader

travelers’ Hair Dryer


Even though motor for professional which is a big hair dryer is installed, its compact design makes it easy to carry as travel necessity.

Strong but compact design

It is made in Korea and has excellent function
and design. Easy to carry with its compact design
and it is a travel necessity.

Installed professional motor

Motor for professional hair dryer is installed and
therefore, trong wind blows. It is easy to carry
with high efficiency.

Foldable to carry

With foldable handle, it is easy to carry when travel and easy to store.

Easy control button

Easy to control air volume with one button and you can style your hair effectively.

Luxurious SF black cover

You can feel luxurious and elegant color.

Slotted nozzle

Installed slotted nozzle for stronger wind. It will provide you delicate styling and glossy hair, and prevent hair damage for healthy hair.

Portable ring

Portable ring will help you to save space.

SENSE LEADER Hair dryer for travel


Obtained a certificate
of Electrical Appliances Safety

Authentication No. / HH07717-10007

Authentication institution / KTC

(Korea Institute of mechanical, electrical and electronics tests)

spec taBLe

Product name Sense Leader Hair dryer for travel
Model name BD-1000
Total size Width 145 X Length 170 X Height 60 mm
Weight 350g
Authentication number for
completing KC certificate
Rated voltage 220V / 60Hz
Power consumption 1000W
Manufacturer / Importer BLC Co., Ltd
Country of manufacture Republic of Korea
Additional installation cost None
Warranty 1 Year
A/S center 031.222.1147